Friday, June 27, 2008

malaysians are so nice

back in indonesia people translate their anger through riots and road demonstration

so we cant compare it with them coz it was not our malaysian's "budaya".... wait a minute...our leaders compare the oil prices among our neighbourhood countries.... so double standard anyone out there... maybe you'll think it a different issue to compare...

do you really understand the issue here? the comparison thing!!!!!

i dont... i can assure you that friends Balam have told me that Treasury cant afford it anymore... that i believed laa...but they could have done more flip-flop policy pls

are you going anywhere this weekend? think of those who dont...those who earn less than rm700 per month... have a thought of them

p/s for my batch, i'm opting for 56...since you all aiming at 58....why coz i want to have my public practise after be a MP candidate hehehehehe

Thursday, June 26, 2008

turkiye lost... but

bijie... next time when underdog team make it to semi-final, better i don't watch....badi

to the subject above, yes turks lost but with reserves player on the field for 90 minutes... this euro2008 will be the last for me to watch during semi final games only( world cup semis included )


better wait for the result next morning

german ....congrats( tau nak penalty jer, main tak seberapa )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

between 'wants' and 'needs'

i'm earning less than rm4000 per month and currently survived the fuel hike ' paras2 hidung' with my family

i gave out about rm900 just for my house loan & my children education insurance,
rm700 just for my car loan & petrol,
rm350 for my parents,
rm50 for my mother-in-law(she have pensioned),
rm1100 for the household groceries(my wife manage it)
and the remaining just gone towards savings and the 'wanted' things

as my wife was a full time housewife, i've to fork out a bit to saving and investment(currently managed to invest rm25000 in ASB) for emergency like job transfer, sick, delivery etc

now i have to cut my children entertainment expenses to rm0.00

why ...they have to initiate playing with their mom la for free

will be continued

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

jkr want to banned corrupt

how in the world are they gonna do it?

this news remind me of how melaka govern the state and federal of JKR

anyway it always look like it was corruption free....but it was not

prove me wrong somebody out there

ideally the current director of Melaka JKR was orang kampung of CM wife(back in Muar)

he have been promoted to a higher post at the federal level but was postponed due to 'instruction' from somebody i guess

the state government will never allowed people that they cant cope with to enter the state affairs

so what the heck are the Minister trying to show here, after the BMC scandal

it is impossible for the technique department like JKR and JPS to waive the instructions of BN state leaders( exception for Pakatan Rakyat state ), because the interference was so obvious

i've been in their circle....and i KNOW

yeah...hell i KNOW VERY WELL