Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 years since I left UiTM

2010, next year will be the 10th years that I have left UiTM. Much have changed since then, be it to me, my family, career, socially and politically. I grew to be a pre-matured men (coz I felt that I’m still young) by the process of life.

Somebody has just told me that I had the experience of hard labor due to my family background; and guess what…. I’m proud of it. Why? Because I can say to you people out there that though I’m doing average in UiTM…I’m doing it with my way. The temptation to cheat in exam was really high when you have 4 papers failed to be repeated…but I just don’t buy that…the sweat, money, time and HELP from friends and families are just worth it.

In 2000, I start up my career as a caterer manager (the salary was RM1200) with a college just for a month. The rebel spirits in me just don’t fade away easily. I have had a quarrel with my boss in EPF issue which he declined to contributed for staffs. Then I start helping his brother who runs gas-cylinder business for a few weeks before I got a new job.

The new job was in an Indian audit firm. I start with a pay of RM400 (then RM800 after 3 month probation). I stayed with the firm for almost 2 years (my last pay was RM1150).
I joined a bank after that…but it last only for 3 months with a salary RM1710 (disappointed with Terengganu’s Wang Ihsan fund the bank disbursed). I think by now maybe you will think that I’m a job-hopper. But it is me who is in loss here not you.

I’m back to the audit practices with a Chinese-Malay firm (see, I’m not racist, can work with anyone…hehehe). The pay was RM1350. It was just enough for me to get married at that time. It troubled me when you have 2 bosses who based in two different locations. They have the management issue here. I try not to think about it…but it getting worse day to day (until today they still have this issue of cash-flow…you will be surprised they’re called accountant). And so I left the firm and joined a management company, in which I play a role of Company Secretary cum Internal Auditor. I nearly succeeded in making the company listed in 2nd board thru a ‘back-door’ arrangement…but Datuk(my boss lorr) was not to keen in investing too much money. The other company who supposed to be a joint-partner has made it without us and secured lot of contracts who based in naval somewhere in Johore. And there’s again…the dispute spark…and I migrate to the public sector (the pay was OKAY).

I’ll tell you next time…what was its feel working there…lot of my friends say that “you’re lucky” because they’re not HERE yet.