Monday, March 17, 2008

state of DENIAL will only make more losses

after a week from the 12th election, BN leaders( especially from UMNO ) still have this outrages words blaming Malay voters for their 'swing' towards the opposition.

they just arrogantly claimed that only UMNO can protect the Malay rights(yeah, maybe in the past 30 years).

and they have this thing(bad habit) of thinking that they're the right person to rules Malaysia instead of listening to the 'people' dire and needs(people POWER, man).

instead of 'infighting' the people decision, they will onle make them more angry and rebel toward UMNO.

and the best part is, they are the one who 'LOVES' this con thing in administration(KEDAH MB office have been rundown by their spies...make sure their CON don't go to PUBLIC).

my FRIEND, please dont have this hatred things on DAP, PKR & PAS... you're a family woman, have children already... still think that UMNO relevant in the near future.. not for me since 1994(UMNO is dead to me after SPM)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pak Lah .... again, sleep well after the election

after the tsunami shocked in the current election, pak lah was still in the state of denial

in 2004, BN wins big and he claimed that he was the x factor for the win... but today he just don't want to admit the BN loses was due to his weak administration(which is an open secret by now)

still the main stream media(MSM) does the 'dr. spin'...well again after the election...they(the MSM) just don't learn the 'lesson'

there are few movement towards making the flip flop pm to resign and step down from being the UMNO president and PM respectively from inside and outside the BN coalition

but the 'self-interested group' keep playing their role in 'apple-polishing' surround him like the story of the 'uninsulted naked-king' fairy tales

but my friends... don't worry...if you don't know the 'exit' door ... the people(BN and non-BN) will lead you the way soon

just wait and see

thats all for today


Monday, March 10, 2008

Barisan Rakyat have made it

thank you Malaysian voters

a new saga in Malaysian politics has begun... hope it will remain prosperous in the next 4-5 years


Friday, March 7, 2008

cast with wisdom MY friends

tomorrow will be the hope of our children for the next 5 years... my vote definitely will go to PKR and DAP tomorrow(will show it to you on Monday)

yours...keep it secret lah

my friends ... our nation fate will be in your hands

so vote with WISDOM like Tun Mahathir have advised

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

old lady... you not worth it

last night, Datuk Ramlah Adam said that urban people dont care about unity and being selfish to each others... and you are damn wrong!!!!

just bacause the urban voters doesnt favor BN anymore, you make this prejudice statement

you and Ali are both the same... having 3rd world mentality're really suit the BN spokeperson