Monday, May 26, 2008

memoir of alifmimnunwau as circus.....hahahaha

many of us will remember how p ramlee jokes about umno existence....thank you to nijagaiden83 for the FRIENDS enjoy the clip

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Takziah to Gamat family

al fatihah to arwah pakcik mohtar family in Tampin Melaka for their lost

my friend GAMAT... take it as other test that we've been through life

so dont grieves too much... we have greater future ahead of us


( To Bijie... selamat pergi dan kembali dari mengerjakan UMRAH )

Monday, May 12, 2008

too easy to get

nowadays in malaysia, certificate can be bought like pisang goreng panas

even cpa title can be obtain just by being mia members for more than 15 years(that what my friend told me laahh)

so why do this things happen?

the answer....because most of the professional programme like ACCA , CPA , CIMA and yang sewaktu dengannya... just can get more and more people attach to their exam

most of local universities in malaysia have provided a comprehensive accounting courses that are up to the standard of these overseas programme

why bother to have them... if you're going to work in malaysia ?

its better for one to further masters programme

cheap talk is always easy...but seriously lookin at this scenario... they've to do this due to their dry coffers....hehehehe

so pls dont get duped by them